10 things that you may not know about your cat.

  1. Observing: cats can spend countless hours staring out a window and watching the world go by because they are fascinated with objects that get blown around by the wind. 
  2. Scratching: is one of the instinctual manners to mark the territory within the home, if this behavior is becoming a problem we recommend that you play some scratching posts around for them especially near their favorite scratch spots. Playing with them during the day to release their energy might also help reduce this behavior.
  3. Sleeping: cats sleep around 15 to 16 hours a day when they are sleeping avoid bothering and make sure they get an undisturbed sleep.
  4. Running water: cats might instinctively be suspicious of stagnant water realizing that still water always safe as bacteria and microbes grow exponentially in them; Also, the running water may taste better because it’s cooler and oxygenated. Fortunately, there are lots of drinking fountains designed for cats to provide fresh cool, and running water for your pet.
  5. Affection: cats love affection and they ask to be petted despite being independent generally, so do not force it cats are so sensitive. 
  6. Playtime: cats will play with toys with you or with objects that intrigue them like bottles, tabs, crinkly bags, straws, or string, but don’t rely only on toys to ensure their happiness, though it is better to spend time with them if you can. 
  7. Sunbathing: if your cat has a favorite spot on the windowsill basking, this is because cats like 20 degrees and higher so they seek out the heat.
  8. Food: cats adore food, they like to eat fresh food that is newly opened also, regularly change up their diet and incorporate small healthy treats every once in a while, this ensures that they feel loved and cared for.
  9. High spots: cats they like laying and hiding in high spots because this altitude protects them from getting ambushed unexpectedly, they also love to view the world and everything that goes around them.
  10. Spending time with family: while cats are considered independent and are often left alone, they do enjoy spending time with their family cats.