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Do cats get Dementia?

 One of the questions that many cat owners ask, do cats get dementia?

In fact, they do get a sort of dementia just as people can have some brain changes as they age.

Unfortunately, it can happen to our older kitties too, so if you have an older kitty that suddenly having some differences in their behavior that you’ve never seen before such as obsessive and compulsive about different areas in the house or being aggressive suddenly, house soiling, or even hiding or showing levels of anxiety by separating themselves out from the rest of the family.

Indeed, all of those things in an older cat can indicate possibly the onset of some cognitive dysfunction. So, if you are seeing that in your cat, the first thing to do is definitely go to your veterinarian and do a good physical exam and blood checking. If all is good, then discuss how the behaviors are with your veterinarian, if they are mild symptoms that are just starting to concern,  something like melatonin grapeseed extract is a great antioxidant and vitamin E also can be very helpful to slow down the cognitive dysfunction and the brain changes that are going on.