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Feeding your Cat naturally

Cat eating from his bowl on the ground.

Cats are actually true carnivores, so they thrive best on a meal of little mice bones and birds’ bones and all of this is a perfect diet for them.

Many people don’t like the idea of the raw diet because they’re worried about bacteria growing on the food as well as possible parasites that might be in the food, but if you decide to feed a raw food diet you have to be very careful of the source of your raw food.

Feeding something like a rabbit thigh, turkey legs or whole Birds can be purchased from certain trusted suppliers.

In fact, there are companies now that make prepackaged raw diets that you can just stick in the freezer, and then when it’s time for your cat to have a diet you can just pull them out and put those in the bowl, another thing that you can do is to purchase high-quality nutrition all-natural cat food, but we definitely recommend canned cat food.

Many years ago we used to think that dry food was actually better for cats, but in reality, a lot of dry foods are primarily carbohydrates and carbohydrates are just sugars that stick to the teeth and cause tartar just the same as if you are eating a Captain Crunch cereal every day, and not brush your teeth, so dry foods are not excellent for cat’s teeth.

Also, when you’re choosing a canned food always read the label, if it sounds like something you might yourself eat that’s probably a little better food than something else.

Finally, you can get a lot of recipes from books preferably those written by nutritionists or by veterinarians that can guide you.