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Signs of Liver Problems in Cats

Sometimes cats show no signs at all that their livers are having problems, you may just be taking your cat in a regular exam and your veterinarian may notice some very subtle signs;

Here are some signs:

  • Cats’ skin color will change to a more yellowish tint.
  • Cat’s gums and the whites of their eyes may be a yellowish tint.
  • Won’t feel well and can be dramatically sick or vomiting.
  • Don’t want to eat because of bleeding disorders.
  • Cats can be anorexic and straining in the litter box.

All of these signs can be signs of liver disease, but sometimes we find out that a cat has liver problems although, the owner claims that the cat is acting quite fine at home.

In addition to this, cats have a tremendous ability to hide some illnesses from their owners. 

To conclude, liver disease can be very subtle, there may be no obvious outward signs, but mainly if you see a cat has yellowish skin or is having problems with its appetite you should have him examined for liver disease.