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6 things cats hate the most

Cats are very sensitive creatures, and sometimes their behavior is just misunderstood this is why cat’s owners should avoid making some behaviors.

Here are the six things cats hate:

1) Low temperatures; cats like temperatures of 20 degrees and higher, in fact, a cat’s coat is made to protect them from low temperatures not higher ones.

 2) Surprises; you probably have watched videos of cats getting scared of cucumbers and what actually happens is that your cat is not afraid of the cucumber itself but from the fact of something appears suddenly in front of them.

3) Dirty litter box; cats devote too much time during the day for self-grooming, so, they hate a dirty litter box, grimy toys, or an unclean water bowl, so cleaning your cat’s litter box every day will make him a happy cat.

4) Smells; one of the smells that cats can’t tolerate is gasoline, this why you have to be careful when doing gas in your car, also they can’t handle onion, and vinegar smells.

 5) Strangers; cats do not like strangers or surprise visits, they like to feel they’re in control of the territory around them because strangers bring a lot of new smells and signs that they have yet to explore. So, cats usually hide when visitors visit them.

6) Cars; unlike dogs, cats do not like getting in a car because it breaks up the daily routine of being at home. They get very stressed, so if you have to get them out you can put them in a carrier, preferably one they’ve slept in overnight and this will make them feel like they’re still in their own space.