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How to keep your horse healthy !

To keep your horse healthy, a perfect digestive system is key.

In fact, inside a horse’s digestive, we find intestinal microbes or what we call bacteria such as fungi and protozoa, which all live together in the hindgut, where they convert feed into nutrients.

This mutation is called the fermentation process. Indeed, microbes play an important role in nutrition as well as immunity since they are the unique defender against dangerous bacteria.

For instance, if you feed your horse high volumes of starch in one meal, the microbial population can be thrown off balance, the same thing with the stress and antibiotics that generally destroy good bacteria in the digestive system, and therefore, the horse becomes more susceptible to diseases, and unfortunately, affect its performance.

Horse prevention

Some techniques to follow in order to keep your horse healthy:

  • Adding pre and probiotics to your horses’ diet can support the microbes.
  • Probiotics such as yeast are microbes that help stabilize digestive disturbances.
  • Probiotics serve as feed for microbes and Well-fed microbes are healthy microbes.
  • A good amount of fiber.
  • Fewer changes at your horses’ diet.
  • Look for feeds with safer starch sources as they are easily digested.
  • Finally, don’t forget to provide multiple small meals a day.