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Top 06 Tips for Beginner Horse Riders

Do you know that some researchers have shown, horseback riding is very beneficial to cognitive and psychological processes to your body?

If you have never ridden a horse before, then natural to feel little anxiety and it can be exhilarating, nerve-racking experience to you. Because working with horses requires a certain level of patience and expertise.

But if you got to know, how to do that properly after having the right instruction and practice, then horse riding can be relaxing, rejuvenating, and therapeutic to your mind.

So today we are going to teach you, top 06 tips for beginner horse riders that’ll help to overcome fears & ride your horses like an expert in the saddle:

1.    Wear proper horse-riding equipment:

As a precocious method, you should wear your horse-riding equipment before you ever get on a horse.

What are the essential outfits, for horseback riding?

•    Long pant- To protect the rider’s legs from saddle sores, brush, and sun

•    A leather belt- To ensure the tightness

•    Long sleeve shirt- Further protection from the elements

•    Proper fitting horse helmet- To protect your head from the event of a planned dismount.

•    A hat- To protect from the sun

2.    Don’t way up to hands in the air:

Some beginner riders often end up with their hand’s way up in the air which leaves reins much too long, and riders can’t control the horse. To have a proper balance, it’s important to use hands and arms. So, you should keep your hands at the hip level and your elbows at your side.

3.    Grip tight, using your legs:

Gripping your horse tightly with your legs is a common mistake most new riders do. By doing this, your horse might take it as acute to move forward. Also clenching and gripping will make your body tired which will affect your horse’s attitude. To fix this after sitting in the saddle, keep your leg hang from the hip.

4.    Don’t slouch:

The best way to keep control of your horse is, to sit up straight and tall. You need to relax your back & hold the reins gently, set a foot in each stirrup. Then hold your balance to not make your horse feels like he’s carrying a heavier load.

5.    Be kind to let reins:

When a horse moves ahead, it’s normal to move their heads. If reins pulled through their hands they won’t be able to do this movement.

What you need to do is relax your arms and don’t pull back and push the heels down. Otherwise, it will hurt your horse badly.

6.    Always look forward:

Beginner riders are nervous and keep looking down while they are riding. This makes it very bad for you because you may get spine problems. And also, this makes it difficult for your horse to carry you.

As long as you keep sight of the path while holding a straight posture, that will be enough to have a safe trail riding trip.