Top 7 dog diseases

Properly pinpointing telltale symptoms’ disease helps you prolong the life of your pet and build an additional harmonious and healthy family life with your precious pet. Here are some of these diseases:


This sort of illness is considered as one of the extremely contagious metabolic processes. This explicit disease may have as symptoms coughing, nasal discharges, and inferior fever. However, good nutrition and providing a clean environment significantly facilitate dogs kick up their system in response to the virus, also antimicrobial prescription will facilitate relieve nasal discharges alongside hydration.

  • Rabies:

Recognized to be extremely fatal, this illness may also be transmitted to humans and different animals. and it shows the following symptoms; apprehension and anxiety, fever irritability and erratic labored respiration. Moreover, if the virus has reached sever stages death is at hand even in humans, but post-exposure treatment can embody, like sodium and Alyssa vaccines.

  • Bordetella:

Transmitted by nasal secretions and causes coughing and sneezing, antibiotic treatment helps to control symptoms. 

  • Lyme disease:

 It can be transmitted by ticks, Causes fever and joint inflammation,however, the treatment with antibiotics is usually successful. 

  • Leptospiroses:

It can be picked up from water contaminated by infected urine and may cause kidney and liver disease. Many infections go unnoticed and severe infections are often fatal. 

  • Giardia:

Usually picked up by drinking contaminated water, it causes diarrhea and can be treated with antibiotics.

  • Hepatitis

(Adenovirus): Virus is found in feces and saliva, it causes fever vomiting and diarrhea. The treatment of this disease consists of aggressive fluid therapy often fatal but prevented through vaccination.